Brognon Rollin

Birth in 1900

Death in 1900

"Since 2006, David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin, "Explorers of the Abyss", have been probing existential faults, observing figures of the fall and forms of alienation. Rubbing constantly against the fringes of society, they offer modest and modest monuments to the "off-axes". There is no complacency or temptation in their fascination for the "marginal", who is first moved by the search for a spark in the dark. Addiction and melancholy rub shoulders, but without chatter or literality. Because it's not about screaming in their work, it's more about whispering. One enters it in the mode of shared secrecy, of confidence.

The artists, who won the Pirelli Art Prize at Art Brussels in 2013 and who are the subject of a monograph this summer at the Frac Poitou-Charentes, are also attentive to the "little epiphanies of life", as the artist Ian Breakwell called them, to these chronicles of everyday life, these moments of grace in darkness or banality. They transcend with infinite delicacy the brilliance of the little and what is usually neglected, through chronicles of ennobled triviality.

Hélène Guenin

Chief Curator of Exhibitions.

Live performance programming and performances.

Centre Pompidou-Metz, France


David Brognon, born 1978 in Messancy, Belgium
Lives and works in Paris

Stéphanie Rollin, born in 1980 in Luxembourg
Lives and works between Paris and Luxembourg

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Saint-Savinien Church 8m2 Loneliness Brognon Rollin
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Saint-Savinien Church Until Then Brognon Rollin