Ghada Amer

Birth in 1963 - Caire, Egypte

Lives and works New York, États-Unis

Death in 1900

Ghada Amer sews on canvases images from pornographic magazines, his process implies a visual change, what seems to be a mass of abstract lines with bits of thread that protrude, reveals little by little erotic characters, displayed in a repetitive pattern.

The work refuses to bend to the puritanical elements of Western and Islamic culture. His work manages to be both anti-pornographic and hedonistic. His work has been shown in several solo and group exhibitions. 2004 marked his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, at the Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills.

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photo oeuvre
In the streets Love Grave Ghada Amer
photo oeuvre
St. Peter's Church Rocher-Cœur Ghada Amer