Clemens Botho Goldbach

Birth in 1979 - Cologne, Allemagne

Lives and works Düsseldorf, Allemagne

Death in 1900

The works of Clemens Botho Goldbach conceptualize the space that surrounds them: expansive sculptures, mostly pieces of architecture, though sometimes things of natural origin; site-specific and yet never without universal relevance. Everything we see is what it actually is: a tree trunk is a tree trunk, an aerated concrete block is an aerated concrete block, a concrete shuttering element is a concrete shuttering element, historical bricks are historical bricks, and a brick wall is a real brick wall, built in situ to the scale of 1:1. But everything we see is in fact more than what we actually perceive through our senses. It is not just that the objects are not autonomous in relation to their physical surroundings, but Clemens Goldbach also imbues them with a representational function. In other words, they also embrace the history of the locality with all its diversity of exemplary incidents and intellectual and cultural references, at the same time upholding their relevance for our present day. To this end the artist accompanies the sculptural elements of each installation with a paratext that takes a diversity of forms.

 Every work of Clemens Goldbach operates like a monument. It is laden with meaning and charged with denotations, connotations and associations. Outwardly, in terms of form and material, it is rough and robust, yet sensuously and aesthetically appealing. In short, it animates our faculties of imagination, thinking and feeling. Its visual and material appeal triggers in the viewer the wish to read and interpret it. Its life size scale of 1:1 seduces the viewer into relating to it not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Indeed, he or she inwardly transcends the installation and its surrounding space, both spatially and temporally. But things do not end there, for Clemens Goldbach's work is also characterized by forces of internalization and inwardness, a kind of withdrawal and ascension energy that seems to counteract the massive exterior and the extreme 'groundedness' of his sculptures. What is decisive, Clemens Goldbach seems to be telling us, is the spiritual quest and opening we experience, not just in religion but in art too.

 Susanne Schulte


Laudatio GWK Young Artists Award

Arnsberg, 29. September 2013

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