Parts of a Lighthouse

Yoko Ono

  • Glass prisms, plexiglass base, light
  • 130 x 46 x 46 cm
  • The artist's collection
  • © Yoko Ono

Known for her experimental art, music, filmmaking, and feminism, as well as for her marriage to John Lennon, Yoko Ono was a major figure in the 1960s New York underground art scene. Before it became a luminous sculpture, Parts of A Lighthouse was only an idea, a project written by Yoko Ono in 1965: "You set up prisms at a certain time of day, under a certain evening light which goes through the prisms, the light house appears in the middle of the field like an image, except that, with this image, you can actually go inside if you wanted to. The lighthouse may not emerge every day, just as the sun doesn't shine every day." Reading this description in an exhibition catalogue in 1967, John Lennon asked Yoko Ono to build one for his garden. They called it "the House of the Ghost". Presented in silver mines, Parts of A Lighthouse responds to the flickering of the surrounding quartz.

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photo artiste Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono, born February 18, 1933 in Tokyo, Japan, is an experimental artist, visual artist, poet, performer, musician, singer, composer, writer, actress and Japanese filmmaker.

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