Cécile Beau & Emma Loriaut

  • Aquarium, plinth, stone, electrolysis, silver nitrate
  • 30 x 30 x 120 cm
  • Courtesy of the artists

A stone seems to levitate in a liquid. Two metal rods connected to an electrolysis system transmit an electric current to this chemical bath. By this process, silver crystals seem to grow like plants and slowly cover the surface of the rock. Reversion attempts to generate native silver on a conductive rock from a silver nitrate solution.

Reversion is an unknown alchemical process. It is used here to reverse a process of transformation of a mineral into an industrial matter, one of the quest of metaphysical alchemy being the search for the essence of matter, the return to what is fundamental and original.

The two aquariums produce different kinds of silver, one in brilliant crystals seems noble whereas the second one is raw, more mineral.

Access ramp

From Tuesday to Sunday
From 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm

1 Rue Saint-Pierre, 79500 Melle


photo artiste Cécile Beau & Emma Loriaut

Cécile Beau's work, which can be defined as "poor science fiction", offers real sensory experiences that plunge us into universes that are most often realistic but that include a fictional supplement that gives them all their poetry. Plants or minerals are thus staged in works whose mysterious titles often borrow from foreign languages. As in a waking dream, the roots of the trees hang from the ceiling, neon lights create thunderclaps, and an entire illusionist Méliès-style machinery hides behind works of disturbing beauty. The artist "surveys reality to obtain fragments" (Emile Soulier) in order to create these hybrid and enigmatic works generating ghostly atmospheres.

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