Faire partir l'ombre

Gloria Zein

  • Enamelled ceramics, stoneware, steel structure
  • ø 300 x 370 cm
  • Courtesy of the artist

The bandstand welcomes a strange aviary into its heart. Ceramic forms, fragile elements, separated from the outside by this cage that both encloses and protects them. This meeting place, the kiosk, becomes a place of spectacle where it is possible to observe these mute and static creatures. While fine ceramics are usually not works displayed outdoors Gloria Zein, by placing them in the kiosk, questions the value of things. She highlights their vulnerability, like that of currency which has a created, artificial and fragile value.

photo oeuvre
In the streets du vertige de la contingence Gloria Zein

Open 24/7

Bandstand, Place Bujault, 79500 Melle


photo artiste Gloria Zein

Gloria Zein studied Architecture, Philosophy and Fine Art in Darmstadt, Vienna, Paris and London. She graduated in Architecture at Technical University Vienna and in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (MA, 2011). The same year, she was awarded the Cass Prize for Sculpture and in 2014 the Bursary Award from the Royal British Society of Sculptors. In 2015, she was nominated for the Berlin Art Prize.

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