Xinyi Liu

  • 40 engraved coins
  • ø 2.54 x 0.2 cm each
  • Courtesy of the artist.

During a stay in Britain where he becomes familiar with the importance of the royal family in British culture, Xinyi Liu looks for ways to respect this tradition and wish the Queen and her people a long life. He notes that the portrait of Elizabeth II is slightly modified with each new issue of coinage to take into account her ageing. He then began a collection of coins issued over the last forty years and decided to reverse the course of time by changing the dates of the coins. Suddenly, the sovereign is rejuvenated. Several years later, Xinyi Liu's message takes on a whole new dimension, this time political. At the time of Brexit, this country that has always fought against the euro is isolating itself even more in search of a youth which was already lost long ago.

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photo artiste Xinyi Liu

Liu Xinyi (b. 1982, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China) graduated from the Sculpture Department at China Academy of Art(Hangzhou) in 2007, and attained MFA degree at Art Department, Goldsmiths, University of London in 2010. Liu currently lives and works in Beijing. His conceptual creations are executed in multi-context projects with installation as primary medium. Liu seeks a global historical perspective in his practice and has been interested in the mechanism (including occurrence, communication, and evolution) of political cognition and related technique in modern China.

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