Heure du Brésil

Renata Lucas

  • Public lightning of Melle
  • From 10.30pm everyday
  • Courtesy of the artist

In this work, the public lighting of the city of Melle will work simultaneously to the public lighting in Brazil. What happens when the night falls in Brasilia, takes the French summer night around midnight. The work proposes a time/space adjustment, placing in the same temporal rule and in consonance two distant regions of the globe, two continents characterized, historically, as colonizer and colonized.

For this exhibition, which seeks to recover the origin and meaning of the production and circulation of money, in the sense of direct exchange and monetary exchange, economic capital and symbolic capital - and the great flows of financial capital that throw light or obscurity along the globe-, the artist chose to lit up to the deep political crisis - in which a recent parliamentary/juridical/media coup has just made Brasil go back years of democratic consolidation and dismantle a hard-won institutional landscape - inviting the small and quiet city of Melle to share their insomnia through this long night.

Everyday from 10.30pm

In the streets of Melle


photo artiste Renata Lucas

Renata Lucas is best known for her work in which she considers public or architectural spaces and alters or changes them in some way. By altering, tampering and playing with these spaces she reveals through her work the ways in which we as individuals are controlled both physically and psychologically by the built environment around us. By intervening in some way in these spaces she reveals the possibility for different social structures, less rigid, more playful, where the individual has a voice in creating the environment and social structure in which they live.

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