Untitled (C-Series)

Pieter Vermeersch

  • Oil on canvas
  • 230 x 170 cm each
  • Courtesy Galeria ProjecteSD, Barcelona


Peter Vermeersch's triptych is a continuation of his studies into colour and light, and time and space. He is known for his large-format murals and paintings where he experiments with subtle, almost imperceptible colour gradients.

Pieter Vermeersch often takes as a starting point near abstract photographs, such as sunsets or photos taken through car windows. He preserves the shades of colours and paints them by accentuating the abstraction.

Here, he innovates by covering three large canvases of equal surface area with a copper colour paint. Exposed to natural light, the work reflects a changing light that brings to life, in each of its aspects, an infinite variety of shades of red.


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photo artiste Pieter Vermeersch