The Visit

Philip Wiegard

  • Polyurethane foam, paint
  • Variable sizes 
  • Courtesy of the artist

Philip Wiegard's sculptures are not simple sculptures. They come from a fully orchestrated process that the artist depends on: the skills of each one. For his project in Melle, Philip Wiegard was interested in several communities: college students, specialists in slime (a kind of modelling clay made from glue) and the 3D skills of Melle's fablab. 

After photographing and digitising locations for installing his sculptures, Philip Wiegard asked the fablab to print them in 3D in order to deposit mini-sculptures in slime. Four students of the college of Pinier were assigned to create slime of different textures, colours and features. The artist digitised the resulting sculptures again and printed them in the scale of Melle's fixtures. The sculptures take over the Melle's space not only by their presence on several sites but also by their participative manufacturing process.

No elevator to go to the first floor

From Tuesday to Sunday
From 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm

2 rue Emilien Traver


photo artiste Philip Wiegard

Portrait of Philip Wiegard: © Joji Wakita

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