Jean-François Krebs

  • Silicone, lubricating powder composed of 100% natural and biodegradable elements
  • With variable sizes
  • Courtesy of the artist

Starting with his own body, which he experiments and submits to different hybridisms, Jean-François Krebs takes over places whether they are devoted to art or not.

When he first discovered the Lavoir de Villiers, Jean-François Krebs had the image in mind of bodies at work scrubbing linen and stones in soapy water. With Amniov, he invites the visitor to enter the basin of the wash-house and to indulge in the sensations of touch accentuated by the powder, which falls into flakes and when in contact with water turns into contact gel, a lubricant. This powdering activation occurs every day for a few seconds at 4 pm.

The wash basin is entirely covered with silicone, creating a skin in the building in which visitors are now invited to immerse themselves, walk and indulge in new sensory experiences. Deserted by the washerwomen for many years, with Amniov the wash-house of Villiers once again becomes an exchange and contact place, an area of exchanges and hyperesthetic contacts.

Some stairs

Accès libre - 7j/7

Villiers Wash House, 39 Rue de Villiers, 79500 Melle


photo artiste Jean-François Krebs