Ghada Amer

  • White bronze
  • 52 x 36.5 x 26 cm
  • Courtesy of the artist

Ghada Amer is above all a painter. While art, and mainly painting, is part of the male domain, Ghada Amer has found her place by making feminist art, thanks to the clichés she uses and adapts in her creations. And so, the artist paints and embellishes images that come from pornography. For Melle, Ghada Amer presents her Rocher-Cœur, a sculpture inspired by tin foil. In our consumer society, as with plastic, tin foil is an unsustainable object, which refers to domesticity and the traditional role of women in the kitchen in a patriarchal society.

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From Tuesday to Sunday
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1 Rue Saint-Pierre, 79500 Melle


photo artiste Ghada Amer

Ghada Amer sews on canvases images from pornographic magazines, his process implies a visual change, what seems to be a mass of abstract lines with bits of thread that protrude, reveals little by little erotic characters, displayed in a repetitive pattern.

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