One Thousand and One Market Caps

Aram Bartholl

  • Books, wallpaper, goblets, showcase, coffee maker, table, CCTV
  • 570 x 400 x 280 cm
  • Credits: Christopher Casper, Geraldine Juarez

While the phenomenon of virtual currencies is booming, Aram Bartholl lists in a series of three books the thousand and one crypto-currencies at the highest levels of the market. This publication contains a description of the currency, its logo and its value curve. These books bear witness to a fleeting moment in the history of these currencies. Tomorrow, the market can collapse, virtual currencies can implode in full flight or on the contrary experience an extraordinary development. These books create a museum of contemporary mining. In this idea to recreate in Melle a flagship location of mining, Aram Bartholl has added a plug-in to the site of the silver mines and thus each Internet user becomes a relay for the mining of a cryptocurrency. So the silver mines go back into production after several centuries of abandonment.  


Tuesday to Friday

Tourist Office, 3 rue Emilien Traver, 79500 Melle


photo artiste Aram Bartholl

Aram Bartholl's work creates an interplay between internet, culture and reality. How do our taken-for-granted communication channels influence us? Bartholl asks not just what humans are doing with media, but what media is doing with humans. Tensions between public and private, online and offline, techno-lust and everyday life are at the core of his work and his public interventions and installations, often entailing surprisingly physical manifestations of the digital world, challenge our concepts of reality and incorporeality. Bartholl has exhibited at MoMA Museum of Modern Art NY, Skulptur Projekte Münster and Venice Biennale as well as conducting countless workshops, talks and performances internationally. Bartholl lives and works in Berlin.

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