Love Grave

Ghada Amer

  • Garden dug to the depth of 6 feet
  • 1600 x 500 x 182 cm
  • Courtesy Cheim & Read, New York

Love Grave is one of the gardens invented by Ghada Amer in the continuity of her work as a visual artist. It denounces the prejudices that accentuate the differences between human beings, especially between men and women. Gardening, traditionally performed by men becomes a field of expression of femininity. The word Love is dug in capital letters at a depth of six feet, one metre wide. An open grave in nature.

The dug-up earth is left in heaps to testify the opposites, full and empty, the inevitable end of love stories, but also of what unites Eros and Thanatos, the inseparable couple in life and in death. A benevolent work that reconciles with the fundamentals of existence.

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photo artiste Ghada Amer

Ghada Amer sews on canvases images from pornographic magazines, his process implies a visual change, what seems to be a mass of abstract lines with bits of thread that protrude, reveals little by little erotic characters, displayed in a repetitive pattern.

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